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Storage Facility | Melbourne

Need to store your belongings for a particular amount of time? Here at Vic Leahy Removals we can keep all your goods and effects safe and secured in our storge warehouse.

Our storage solution process includes:

  • Provide our team to collect your possesions.
  • Complete a full condition/inventory report.
  • Labelling
  • Store your goods in our secure storage facility, using complimentry pads and bags.
  • Deliver back to your home or office when you are ready.
mods in warehouse
Storage Facility

Accessible to our clients at all business hours, our storage warehouses in Glen Iris are suitable to store all sorts of items while you are relocating, renovating or simply de-cluttering your home or commercial property.

Or maybe, you can use us if you simply want some place to keep your things safe and secure before deciding what to do with them.

We can also supply you with boxes & packing materials if you need them to organise and pack away your possesions prior to relocating them into storage.

Please call our experts for all your storage needs in Melbourne. They will advise you on moving services, packing supplies, and storage space needed.